Heya! As you saw on my front page, my name's Kab. I'm an amateur webmaster learning to develop in HTML and CSS. I live in the US [GMT -5], and I'm an older sibling. I'm also a freelance artist. I enjoy writing, worldbuilding--creation of all types--writing a website seemed like a natural next step to share my work!

It's also a place to accumulate all of my interests--a hub page of sorts. I encourage you to explore, and take in my Media page, as well as check out my worldbuild directory, which is basically a big sampler platter of stuff I like to work on.

A lot of the pages are still works in progress, and probably will be indefinitely. My hope is to eventually have most, if not all, of my work stationed and hosted right here! As such, I ask guests to this site to please be patient with broken links...! Chances are, I know, and am working to fix it. If you like what I have here, and want to keep an eye on progress, feel free to follow!

All of the pages you see here on my Neocities are written and coded completely from scratch--I don't use templates. I hope you can appreciate how much I've done and learned in making this site :)

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