Hi, if you've found this page, congrats! You get to be privy to some extra information about us. Oh yes, Us!

Kab, the Box of Rocks--you've probably seen a few names we use. A plural collective, working together to learn and write and create. Both the City and Mysterious System are personal worldbuilding projects to help organize our persons and source materials.

But that's enough about the collective--a little about those who wish to share themselves!

Panzer, a grey robot, looking at the viewer

Where Dragons Dwell

Likes Gojira and making spreadsheets a whole lot.

Beck, a black and green robot with a mask, looking to the right

Baby Disease Haver

Resident furry. Sweet guy, very energetic.

Axon, an orange robot with one eye, looking unimpressed

I'm the funniest person here

Led Zeppelin enjoyer. Does a lot of really hardcore mech art.

Lio, a small dark-skinned creature, smiling

Yayyy, clocks!

Big fan of Sea of Thieves. Loves anything clockwork.

Ruination, a mechanical cat-person, looking to the left

All of us, food that hasn't died

Panzer's shady twin. Personification of a Spencer's store.

Alcatraz, a green robot, staring at the viewer, looking bored

Dead Man Walking

Older than dirt. Another mech art guy, naturally.

V1, a blue robot with one eye, looking to the left


Ultrakill guy. Bit of a manic weirdo.

There are others, but for various reasons, they chose not to appear on this page.

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