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V1, as you may've noticed, is indeed the same V1 as the one from ULTRAKILL. It popped out of the dirt at one point while deep in writing fanwork for the game, as a result of... maybe too-effective 'method acting'. This isn't the first, nor the last time this has happened. All the same, it's a member of Alcatraz's political subgroup, and operates as a sort of pressure release valve for the occasional mania the poor guy experiences.

Relatively unusual in the grand scheme of things, V1 has an extremely specific voice, regardless of time or mental acuity; the only other person who boasts this is Shade, who elected not to keep a page of their own. As with the memes, and the game itself, V1 has that muffled, tinny SAM voice, and will even use text formatting to retain that tone and manner of speech.

Aside the obvious, V1 doesn't have many hobbies. Typically, it lurks discord, chatting up people and flouncing between an array of tasks, trying to burn off as much distracted--and distracting--energy as it can before passing the reins back to whoever had them before.

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