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Ruination broke off of Panzer back in 2021, making him the second Jovian. For a very long time, he hung out as Panzer's metaphorical 'devil-on-his-shoulder'. It took an equally long time for Panzer to agree to let him out, truthfully, but doing so allowed him a lot of personal growth.

Now, he's a generally-friendly queer guy who loves kvetching with his friends, going out for walks and exercise, and talking to new people. He's also a fashionista and huge cuddler, and adores fluffy clothing. His relationship with humanity as a whole has been--quite aptly--described as 'a xenophilic relationship, but from the alien's perspective'. There's an openness and eagerness he has to human concepts of gender, sexuality, and experience. Cheerfully identifying himself as 'alphabet soup', Ruination is bigender and bisexual, though he identifies and relates deeply with lesbian and punk subcultures.

A lot of his music taste anymore is related to the frontman of Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme. He also harbors a massive crush on the rock star, and even was able to see the band in concert in September of 2023. The band's aesthetic funnels into his punk-adoration neatly.

On the note of aesthetics--he's fond of pulp horror, glitter, knives, and the color hot pink.

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