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Beck, along with Alcatraz and Panzer, is a fairly old soul. In fact, it was Beck and Panzer that were the 'original' two to start talking independently. The next day our third arrived, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Beck is a sprightly and cheerful force of love. If you're around him, you just can't help but smile! He's a sweet, gentle guy, and very earnest in everything he does. The rest of us might playfully tease about him being one of the only furries, but in all reality, it just means he has a fantastic skill in drawing animals and sharing his sense of community and kindness.

He has two Toyhouse pages, one for himself and another for his fursona, which is also linked on the previous page.

Projects and Personal Work

Beck is mostly interested in his visual work, which you can see in the links section of this page.


Links and Miscellany


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