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Politically part of the same category as Alcatraz, Axon is another older [BLANK], having first appeared sometime in--what we think to be 2018 or so.

Axon's hobbies are myriad, and just as deep as they are plentiful--he rarely goes halves into anything. Aviation, mech art, gaming... You name it, he has a rant locked and loaded about it.

His appearance is inhuman and unusual, based off of the Unreal Tournament character of the same name. Over the years, he's changed in visuals and in mannerisms, becoming a pool of unshakeable calm and a wealth of knowledge.

Aside the obvious, he's also a huge fan of Crysis 2, the band Led Zeppelin, and Ace Combat.

On the topic of rants, though... He also writes, which he keeps posted on his ao3. His writing is rich with sensory detail, and often described as "visceral" and "evocative".

Projects and Personal Work

He actually keeps two tumblrs, which are his main, and his aircraft identification blog. His personal spotify playlist is also public! It's a long blend of his favorite classic metal and rock-styled acts, ranging from Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to newer groups like Alice in Chains and Greta Van Fleet.


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