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Unreal Archival Pages

In the effort of preserving some of these classic games, I've undertaken effort to archive and even restore documentation on parts of the Unreal game series from Epic. You can find those links below.


Disclaimer: all interpretations are my own and use my own thoughts and feelings. You're welcome to shuffle or change stuff as it suits you.

I'm not a very big magic practitioner, though I do have some small divination practices. Cartomancy is one of them, and I have adopted a unique style involving a standard 52-card French-suited deck. You can include or exclude the Jokers on your personal choice; this little reference of mine will exclude them.

I tend to base the four suits on the classical four elements, the humors, or any other set of four that's relevant to the reading at hand.

That aside, I tend to circle nearby numerology and even traditional tarot methods of reading the pip-cards. Face cards are the "major arcana" in a sense, and could be used EITHER as 11-13 or as particular personality traits [ie Queens indicating gracefulness or gentility].

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